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Runway Raises $50M to Expand Its Suite of Generative AI Tools

RunwayML Releases Gen-2: Text to Video Generative AI But systems like the one Runway has created could, in time, replace editing skills with the press of a button. Less than two minutes later, an experimental internet service generated a short video of a tranquil river in a forest. The river’s running water glistened in the […]

Call for Papers AAMAS 2023: Neuro-symbolic AI for Agent and Multi-Agent systems NeSyMAS Workshop UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub

City Research Online Neural-symbolic integration for fairness in AI We seek a candidate familiar with (or interested in) foundational AI techniques, such as satisfiability and constraint solving, optimisation, or explainable AI. Ideal candidates will have knowledge or interest in one of these areas and a willingness to embrace interdisciplinary research. Explore how Rainbird can seamlessly […]

How to Use a Restaurant Chatbot to Engage With Customers

Claude Pro vs ChatGPT Plus: Which AI chatbot is better for you? Google Bard is an AI-powered LLM chatbot built on the PaLM2 (Pathways Language Model, version 2) AI model. You can export your Google Bard conversation to Google Docs or Draft in Gmail – the platform also allows you to create a shareable public […]

Nine AI Chatbots You Can Play With Right Now

Generative AI powered chatbots and virtual agents Google Cloud Blog In this blog post, we’ll explore how your organization can leverage Conversational AI on Gen App Builder to create compelling, AI-powered experiences. Despite the new Bing’s immense popularity, there are some major downsides to the AI chatbot, including that it is not always available. If […]

How can Banking & Finance teams leverage document automation?

Top 5 financial services that are ripe for automation If you are interested to learn more about the use of Nividous RPA in the banking industry, watch the on-demand webinar on ‘RPA in Banking and Financial Services’ today. As per the recent survey conducted by Thomson Reuters, the cost of running KYC compliance and customer […]

Banking Automation Market leader in cash recycling

The central team, on the other hand, is having trouble reconciling the accounts of all the departments and sub-companies. Automation can handle time-consuming, repetitive tasks while maintaining accuracy and quickly submitting invoices to the appropriate approving authority. In the finance industry, whole accounts payable and receivables can be completely automated with RPA. Filter and access […]

SeamlessM4T: Meta Introduces an All-In-One Multimodal AI Translation and Transcription Model for Nearly 100 Languages

Leo Huang on LinkedIn: The future of Buck At Meta, we define AI as the capability of computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we provide tools and information to help you understand […]